Hi, I'm Leah Neumayer

More info about myself

I have constantly been the student that inquires much! I can remember this being something that for a very long time made me feel rather embarrassed in courses, however now after undergoing several rounds of examination seasons I have actually seen many advantages of asking all those questions! I feel that due to this I will certainly have a great compassion with my students, and hope that I am able to provide a comfortable space where they feel able to ask me anything. Furthermore, due to this I am currently extra aware of how to provide excellent responses!

I could remember actually beginning to like mathematics when I started to see links in between different chepters in the subject. Until then I had always enjoyed the complete satisfaction I had felt with fixing troubles and reaching the proper answer, however had actually seen the topics as very singular and unique. Later on I obtained a far better gratitude of the abilities that I had actually been finding out as devices to deal with more intricate troubles, and a terrific desire to continuously add to my 'toolbox' of mathematical knowledge!